Artist - Photographer                           Susan Alvarez headshot photographer


Before the Shoot

I offer a free consultation before the shoot to discuss your goals and to learn a little about you.

If you are represented by an agent and/or manager, I recommend that you discuss with them the details of your shoot in order to provide them with headshots that specifically answers their needs as well as yours.

Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before the shoot, drink plenty of water and get 2 nights of good sleep. Really - these things make a big difference! The more of your good self you bring to this, the better your images will be.

A $25.00 deposit is required to set an appointment which is applied to your rate.  Notice of 24 hours is needed to cancel your session, otherwise you lose your deposit.



Hair and Makeup

You can hire your own or I can help you find one.  Expect to pay $75-$175. This fee is paid by you directly to them and is in addition to my photographer fee. Don't scrimp here. It really does matter a lot! The goal generally is to look as natural as possible and to look as if you are NOT wearing makeup.



During the Shoot

Once you arrive for the shoot, we will review our goals and go over any ideas, questions or needs. We will look through your clothing and choose outfits that will work best for each look. Then the Makeup Artist will apply your makeup and help you with your hair.

Shooting digitally allows us the ability to periodically preview the images. We can evaluate our progress and make adjustments as we go along so that you feel confident that we are getting exactly what you need.