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Tips on getting the results you want

It's all in the preparations. Planning your shoot will get you the shot you want.

Wardrobe - Start with your wardrobe. Pick a couple of outfits that you know look good on you. Make sure they are clean, no stains and wrinkle free. And that fit well. Nothing too big or too tight. Colors are up to the individual. Most people know what colors go well with their skin coloring. Bright colors look great on camera and are great for a commercial look. Black and dark colors always look good and can be elegant for a dramatic look. Bring a couple of extra tops for back up in case something is not working for you that day. However, avoid loud, busy patterns. Stripes are not really great for photographs as well. Do not wear anything with a logo. They can distract and take the focus away from you.

Jewelry - Keep the jewelry to a minimum. Remember nothing to distract from you. No big hoops or bulky necklace.

Hair - Best to style your hair as you would normally or as when going to an audition. Not a good idea to try a new hair style or different cut a few days before the shoot. If you need a trim or color, you should do that a couple days before your shoot. Also pluck the unwanted hairs a few days before as well.

Nails - Short and trim. Natural, neutral or light nail polish is best.

Skin - Try not to use a new skin care product now or get a deep facial. You won't know how your skin will react. Also not a good idea to lay out in the sun.

Props -  NO! Again, nothing to distract from you. Unless you are a musician, of course, you might want to have your instrument in your photo.

Make-up - Women, Yes, yes, you should hire a professional makeup artist, unless you are sure you can apply it professionally yourself. Keep in mind that you are trying to achieve a natural look. Men, not so much. That being said, you should still have face powder to blot out the grease spots. Since we are in Florida and it gets pretty hot, skin tends to shine. Trim facial hair, this includes eyebrows, sideburns and any other wild, stray hair.







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